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Quality pool supplies and materials in High Point, NC

A spirit of Integrity... 
At Carolina Pools of High Point's we are highly experienced and select the highest quality of materials and back them up with the highest level of workmanship and stand by what we do. If you aren't satisfied with the end result, we won't rest until you are! 
However, some complications are always possible to occur. For this, we have on hand top pool supplies and tools and therefore we are able to diagnose any issues you may be experiencing. We can quickly and effectively deal with most common problems on the spot.
We'll make sure you're fully informed regarding all of your options and we'll provide a range of solutions and pool supplies for you to choose from. Give Carolina Pools of High Point in High Point, NC a call today and get pool services that you can count on.

Custom Pool Design

Carolina Pools of High Point offers a variety of award-winning designs. We will custom your pool to meet your needs. Trust us to put your dream to reality! Our professional team will work with you every step of the way. Contact us today for an appointment!

Pool cleaning

Carolina Pools of High Point offers complete pool cleaning, with the latest technology to ensure that your pool water is clean, clear and inviting at all times. It doesn't take much for a pool to go from perfect to unsightly - or even dangerous. Our team in High Point will interrupt this stagnation process and make sure your pool remains clean and healthy. 


Pool chemicals are what keep your pool clean and safe and Carolina Pools of High Point has a complete selection of pool supplies and products to choose from. Our pool repair team can also maintain your pumps and salt generators to make sure everything is working perfectly. Regular maintenance will make sure that your pool stays in peak condition.


Our pool repair team can reliably solve most issues you may be having with pumps, filters and lights in no time at all. If you're experiencing more serious pool issues, please call us in High Point and we'll send someone out right away to take care of everything. We stock plenty of pool supplies and replacement parts, so fixing your pool should take no time at all. We'll get you up and running again in no time.
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